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FAQ and Site Information

Using this site:

Video clips available on this site are organized into categories. Navigate to the desired category using the menu page buttons, and use the thumbnail images to view the sample videos on YouTube. The video sample will play (in a separate browser window) in YouTube's reduced resolution and quality for the purpose of auditioning the content of the clip. Note that multiple short clips may appear in a given YouTube sample video, with gaps in between each individual clip. The YouTube link contains a timecode offset (start time in [m]inutes and [s]econds) so that the sample video should start playing at the correct clip. The YouTube player timecode display can be useful for replaying the sample clip. The video file you receive will be the original full length, resolution, and quality version. The original clip's actual resolution, format, and other details can be displayed by hovering your cursor over the video's thumbnail. Any soundtrack that plays in the YouTube video sample is NOT included with the clip unless specifically noted. The clip you receive may have an original soundtrack (which you may also use) or no audio at all. If you are having trouble finding a particular clip or subject, the Raw Search page which allows you to search the entire inventory by catalog number and keywords may be helpful (caution - it's REALLY big!).

Selecting Clips
Use the "Add To Cart" buttons to select video clips for which you wish to purchase a usage license. Your selections will be added to JCM Digital Imaging's secure PayPal Shopping Cart hosted on PayPal's secure website, which will automatically add any applicable CA tax and shipping/transfer charges to the order. Special orders such as format conversions, custom work, quantity discounts, etc. will need to be handled outside the shopping cart - please eMail JCMDI customer service (customerservice @ JCMDI.COM) to discuss your needs prior to purchase.

Still Images
Still images may be downloaded directly from this site and may be used for non-commercial purposes per the Free Usage Policy below. Audio material (ambient/nature soundtracks, Technician original music, etc.) may be purchased/downloaded from CDBaby, iTunes, etc., or ripped from online sources for personal use and non-profit/non-commercial purposes per the Free Usage Policy below. See the Commercial Use Licenses section below for commercial use licensing.

Commercial Use Licenses:
Any visual (photo/video) and audio material displayed on this site which is not priced may be licensed for commercial use by contacting JCMDI customer service to discuss your needs and pricing. Stock video footage prices shown are for a Commercial Use License, a copy of which will be included with your receipt (both receipt and license documents are provided in PDF format) for your records. Additional rights and modifications may be added by contacting JCMDI Customer Service. The standard usage license is worded as follows:

Standard License Verbiage
This license, upon payment of the license fee, grants its owner the royalty-free, non-exclusive right to include the intellectual property listed below (the "material") as acquired from JCM Digital Imaging (JCMDI), in ONE film, video, project, or other production (the "finished work"). The material, in whole or in part, MUST be incorporated into and be distributed as part of the finished work, may be modified as needed, and may occur more than once. The finished work may be monetized, replicated, broadcast, sold, licensed, assigned and otherwise distributed to end users and audiences, world-wide, via all media, in perpetuity, without further payment to JCMDI. This license does not grant permission to use the material in additional or derivative works, with the exception that small portions (less than 5 seconds) of the material, may appear in trailers or advertisements for the finished work, and, the opening titles and closing credits of other closely related series episodes. In no event shall any portion of the material be sold, sub-licensed, or distributed to others for use as stock footage, so as to prevent competition with JCMDI's on-going licensing of the material. JCM Digital Imaging is the sole owner of the copyright and intellectual property rights to the material listed below. The material is original and authentic. This license grants ONLY the right to incorporate the material into a finished work for use as described above. Under no condition shall JCMDI, its employees, owner(s), or affiliates be liable for any damages or losses, whether incidental or consequential, caused by the use or misuse of any material obtained from, or licensed/created by JCMDI. This license is provided without warranty, and is transferable to subsequent owners of the finished work, should such sales or transfers occur.

For low budget/low-profit productions or large quantities of audio, video and/or photographic material, discounted licensing and delivery can often be negotiated, so do feel free to contact us to discuss your project and needs.

Clips Purchased Offsite
Select JCMDI Footage is available for LEGAL commercial use from the following AUTHORIZED sources: Pond5.com, Newsflare.com, VJLoops.com, and clipcanvas.com. Footage acquired from the sources above may be used commercially as provided by the usage license which you will receive directly from them.

Non-Legal Sources
If you paid for or otherwise acquired JCMDI footage from any other source (such as VIDEOBLOCKS.COM), you have probably been sold watermarked footage which was downloaded from YouTube, and you may even have been given false rights to use the footage in any way you like. Unfortunately, such footage is NOT legal for commercial use and may NOT be monetized in any way. However, it CAN be used for non-profit/non-commercial purposes under the JCMDI Free Usage Policy below.

TECHNICIAN Music/Soundtracks
Purchasing/downloading Technician original music from iTunes, CDBaby and other sources entitles the purchaser to use the material for personal enjoyment, and other non-commercial purposes as defined by the Free Usage Policy below. Commercial use requires additional licensing, which can be obtained by contacting JCMDI customer service to discuss your needs and pricing.

This site is partially automated so far as navigation, shopping cart and payments are concerned. Once you have placed and paid for your order, the rest will be handled by a human. In most cases we will be in contact with you and/or ship/upload your order ASAP (usually within 24 hours). Unless otherwise arranged in advance, the original full-quality/resolution non-watermarked video clips(s) you ordered will be sent to you as data files on recordable data DVD(s) via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. You may also be offered or request direct digital transfer (download) via our secure web site instead of physical data disc delivery for the same shipping/transfer charge . Larger files may take several hours to transfer before they are available for you to download. Some 4K/UHD/HD files are so large that direct download is not possible, and must be delivered on physical media. If delivered by download, your file(s) will remain available online for at least a week, and may be downloaded more than once at your convenience. Delivery methods and options can be arranged by contacting JCMDI customer service in advance of, or immediately after your purchase as needed.

CODECs and Formats:
The video clips available on this site were recorded on a variety of equipment, and are being offered here in their original, native format for highest quality. Due to the wide range of compression and file formats in the world today, compatibility is sometimes an issue. CODECs for all of the formats used here are available for the PC. JCM Digital Imaging does not sell or support CODECs. However, downloads of free CODEC packages are available on the Internet if needed. One such package we installed, tested and found to be useful is here: PC CODEC Pack: ffdshow (note - this is not a JCMDI product - download and use at your own risk). Please contact us in advance if you are concerned about CODEC and format issues not covered here.

Most of our time lapse sequences are now compressed in standard high bitrate MOTION JPEG compression (compatible with MAC OS X). For files in other native formats; .MTS(AVCHD), WMV(Windows Media), H.264(MPEG4), etc.), A limited selection of format conversions are also available at extra charge ($5 per clip). Please let us know your needs before ordering.

Video File Test Samples:
To check for compatibility of our clips with your equipment and software in advance of purchase, you may download these short, low quality test sample clips for the following formats (right-click the link and select "Save target as" to save the sample file to your computer for testing use):
Motion JPEG (SD in a .AVI container)
AVCHD H.264 (HD in a .MTS container)
Windows Media 9 (SD in a .WMV container)
Casio EX-F1 (512x384 300fps) H.264 QuickTime (in a .MOV container)
(More samples to come...)

Free Usage Policy:
(Important - See the COPYRIGHT/Claim/Ad and PARTNER sections below, too)
We receive many requests for permission to use JCMDI's finished videos, stock footage clips, photos, and music for "non-profit" purposes on YouTube and elsewhere without purchasing a usage license. Our general policy is to allow such use of our material, in whole (as provided) or in part (edited/modified), provided that the JCMDI material (or material that it is incorporated into or bundled with) is not sold, sub-licensed, commercially broadcast, monetized, used for sales, recovery of operating expenses, or profit of any kind. Viewers must not be charged for access to the material, website or physical location where the JCMDI material will be displayed/performed, nor may the JCMDI material be used or otherwise bundled with any sale, paid service or access fee. Examples of non-profit use include music videos/artist promotion, school projects, public education/activism, personal entertainment, background imagery, creative and artistic projects, news/expose, and YouTube videos. The resulting production must be given away completely free and independent of any revenue-generating activity. Note that due to JCMDI's partnership with Google/YouTube, ads/commercials placed by YouTube on videos containing JCMDI copyright-claimed materials, and views under YouTube's RED subscription access are allowed under this free usage policy.

Credit and/or a link to the source of the JCMDI material, consistent with other credits for your production/performance, should be included either in the video, image or descriptive text. Something as simple as "Video footage/imagery and/or music courtesy of JCM Digital Imaging HTTP://JCMDI.COM" is acceptable.

Note that for free use, we cannot ship or otherwise deliver any material. JCMDI material may be downloaded/ripped directly from online sources, such as YouTube for audio/video material (freeware rippers can generally be found online) and the JCMDI website for high quality still images. A small selection of our most popular videos can be freely downloaded directly from our site here.

For low budget productions, limited distribution, one-time events (webcasts, etc.), large quantities of material, and discount in exchange for credits/advertising consideration, reduced-cost licensing and delivery can often be negotiated, so do feel free to contact us to discuss your project and needs.

Embedded Players
Embedded YouTube players showing JCMDI video(s) may be posted anywhere on the Internet, provided that the usage complies with the above free usage policy.

You may post links to any JCMDI.COM website pages, YouTube channels/videos, Technician audio tracks on CD Baby, and our Google+ and facebook pages, anywhere on the Internet without further permission or condition.

Downloading JCMDI material and re-posting it elsewhere in its entirety is also allowed, provided that the use complies with the above free usage policy (i.e. the content is not sold, monetized or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes), and a credit note/link to the original source of the material or the JCMDI.COM website is provided to viewers as described above.

If you are using your own soundtrack, please mute any JCMDI original soundtrack so it doesn't conflict with yours, and remove or obscure audio credits (if any) in the original JCMDI clip to avoid mis-crediting your audio soundtrack.

Under the free usage policy detailed above, you may use as many clips, images and/or Technician soundtracks as you like, in whole or in part, from the JCMDI website or any of the JCMDI channels listed below, in your own projects, free of charge:


Using Partner Material
Note that JCMDI is a YouTube/Google partner, and there are pros and cons to using partner material... On the positive side, YouTube/Google may promote videos containing partner material such as ours, on which they can post ads, so you may see increased traffic, featuring, more frequent appearance of your "Content ID claimed" vids in the related video sidebar/player windows and possibly higher placement in searches as well. JCMDI has experienced all of these positive side effects. The only real negative is that YouTube is more likely to post ads on videos containing partner material than those without. If you are also a YouTube partner and monetize your video(s), see the PARTNER section below, too.

Copyright Claims
YouTube's Content ID System (CMS) may place a copyrighted material "claim" on your upload for each piece of JCMDI or TECHNICIAN material it contains. This is essentially harmless and simply means that some JCMDI audio or video material appears in your upload. If you receive a claim notice on behalf of user JCMegabyte, or a music/audio claim notice from RUMBLEFISH or CD BABY, all is well and no further action is needed on your part. You should click the "ACKNOWLEDGE" button if one appears by the copyright notice, otherwise, the claim should be left as-is. Copyright claims of this type will not adversely affect your account or channel standing UNLESS you dispute them. If there is truly NO JCMDI audio or video material used in your upload, or if there is, and you have licensed commercial usage rights from JCMDI to use or monetize that material, it is better to contact us directly to resolve the issue rather than disputing the claim. Please note - filing YouTube claim disputes and appeals could result in more serious action such as takedown notices and/or strikes, so please avoid filing claim disputes if at all possible. Contact us instead.

YouTube CMS
Details: YouTube's Content Management System (CMS) is fully automated, and uses digital "fingerprints" to search all uploads for material owned/created by others, then automatically places a 3rd party copyrighted material "claim" on the owner's behalf for each piece of copyrighted audio or video material it finds. Some copyright owners have chosen to block or take down videos uploaded with their material, however, JCMDI has set the CMS to ALLOW use of our material, so no strikes or penalties will come to you or your account for use of JCMDI material, UNLESS you dispute the claim. Any claim you receive on behalf of user "JCMegabyte" (for video) or user "Rumblefish" or "CD Baby" (for Technician music) can simply be ignored, or, just click the "Acknowledge" button if one appears. JCMDI copyright claim notices can look a little scary if you're not familiar with them, but they are purely informational in this case. They help protect original content makers' rights, and are legal for copyrighted material authorship identification as provided under title 17, section 106a, paragraph a,1,A of the 1976 United States Copyright Act.

If you use audio/video material from many sources in your production, you may have additional (and more serious) claims from other copyright owners, however, JCMDI has no control over any claims placed on behalf of other copyright owners for use of their material. Again, no action (other than clicking the "Acknowledge" button) is required on your part for any claims placed on behalf of JCMDI (JCMegabyte for video and Rumblefish/CD Baby for Technician music). More detail about copyright can be found in this JCMDI Copyright FAQ

YouTube Partners and Content ID (CVP/CMS) Users
YouTube Partners
If you are a YouTube Partner, you may now legally monetize (commercialize) JCMDI content contained in your video on YouTube without buying a commercial use license, provided that any JCMDI/JCMegabyte copyright claims placed by YouTube's system are not disputed. Be aware that disputing copyright claims can result in takedowns and strikes against your channel/account. This permission authorizes monetization of JCMDI copyrighted material only, and does NOT apply to copyrighted material belonging to others. You will need to get permission from each of any other copyright holders before monetizing video containing their material. Note that until YouTube changes their system, some copyright claims may prevent a partner from monetizing a video. In this case, use of our material will be limited to free use of the copyrighted material only without the ability to monetize. Since YouTube's content ID claiming system is mostly automated, new claims for previously unclaimed segments of copyrighted material in your video may be applied at any time as the content matching system discovers them, thus your ability to monetize a particular video may change in the future.

Content ID/CMS Users
If you are a YouTube Network, CVP/CMS user, or Copyright Owner/Licensing Agent with Content ID privileges and you intend to create, upload, or claim OWNERSHIP (content ID matching) of a video which contains ANY JCMDI audio or visual material, you must EXCLUDE the segment(s) of your video which contains the JCMDI material from Content ID matching using the CMS asset reference editing tool, to avoid ownership conflicts.

Enjoy the clips, images and audio, and good luck with your project(s)!

Please contact us directly for questions, details, and special requests not covered above.
customerservice @ jcmdi . com -- Thank you for your interest!

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