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Since 2008 bulk email senders (spammers) began stamping bogus "@JCMDI.COM" and "@TECHNICIANMUSIC.COM" sender addresses (known as email "spoofing") on their worldwide mass junkmail. NONE of those messages originated at JCMDI, nor did our servers send or forward them. We do NOT mass mail/spam - EVER. The spam message headers show that many hijacked SMTP servers were used to send those emails, a common spammer tactic. Our inboxes have been swamped with bounced mail from older mail servers which aren't smart enough to deal with "spoofed" email. JCMDI.COM is a victim of this just as you are, and we hope that perpetrators will be shut down and brought to justice as soon as possible. In the meantime, please be sure your anti-spam program is up to date, or consider installing one if you haven't already. Many freeware anti-spam programs are available.

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