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Finished Productions on YouTube:

Golden Flight 1: A Fractal Journey

Fractal Asteroid Experiment with Quasar Soundtrack

Slow Motion Bats Flying at Dusk

SCUBA Diving Santa Cruz Yellowbanks

Powerhouse Fire Visuals timelapse

Slow Motion Butterflies 2 LANHM Pavillion of Wings

Intimidation: Slow Motion Hummingbird Fights

Space Station (ISS) Fly-over

Timelapse Chimney Sparks Artwork

Technician - Neptune Orbit (Mission Control)

Technician - End of the World (Mission Control)

Technician - Ice Moon (Mission Control)

Butterflies: Nature's Miracles DVD/Blue Ray (Playlist)

Mission Control album playlist

Kaleidoscopic Skies

Cool Cumulus Clouds

Hilarious Hummingbird Landings

Busy Night Skies: Satellites, Stars and Aircraft

Living Lightbulbs Bioluminescent insects

Real Angry Birds! SlowMo Hummingbirds

Solar Eclipse Timelapse 2012

Butterfly Attacks Spider! Slow Motion

Venus Transit 2012

Las Vegas Air Traffic Timelapse

Slow Motion White Lined Sphinx

California Poppies

LA to Las Vegas Timelapse Drive

Slow Motion Rock Splashes

Beautiful Lenticular Sunset

Venus Jupiter Moon Conjunction

Iridescent Rainbow Wave Clouds

StarGazer 6 Timelapses starry skies

Amazing 2600mm Full Moon Rise

Total Lunar Eclipse Highlights

World's Ugliest Bug Extreme Closeup!

StarGazer 5 Amazing Timelapses

StarGazer 4 Timelapse night skies

1800mm Telescope Full Moon Rise

UFOs+IFOs in Full Moon Rise

Jewels of the Insect World

Aliens in my Orchids

Slow Motion Hummingbirds 9

Cumulus After Storm

CraterFace: The Moon Show!

Dance of the Butterflies

Slow Motion Hummingbirds 8

Sara Orange Tip Life Cycle

Slow Motion Butterflies

The Friendly Butterfly

Seashore life: Carillo Tide Pools


UFO Lenticular Cloud Event

StarGazer 3: Timelapse Stars

Slow Motion Hummingbirds 5

Fun With Fire

StarGazer 2

Station Fire Grand Compilation

Slow Motion Insect Fly-Offs

Slow Motion Honeybees

500Kv tower construction 3

Station Fire Timelapse playlist 9-02-2009

Sky Spy 2 HD 720p

Stitching the Sky 2 HD 720p

Sky Spy 3 HD 720p0

Calif. Dogface Life Cycle

Slow Motion Hummingbirds 2 HD 720p

Purple Hairstreaks Life Cycle

Placerita Waterfalls 2

Mountain Stream Relaxation 1

Technician: FunkinGroovin music video

Technician: Bonk music video

Technician: Jaws 2 music video

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