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JCM Digital Imaging (JCMDI) is an independant video and music production company, founded in 1992, and based in Santa Clarita California. We specialize in filming stock footage and independant productions for the scientific, education, motion picture, television and entertainment industries, with original music produced under the artist name "Technician" since 1982. All original audio, video and still imagery on JCMDI.COM,
JCMDI.COM, Pond5.com, YouTube.com, iTunes, NewsFlare.com, and elsewhere, except where spcifically noted, is solely owned by and Copyrighted 1982-2021 JCM Digital Imaging. Nearly all JCMDI material may be licensed for commercial use on a royalty-free, non-exclusive basis via this site. A smaller selection of material can also be legally licensed from Pond5.com and newsflare.com. Additionally, all JCMDI-produced material may be downloaded from various sources and legally used for personal/non-commercial purposes, free of charge, per our FREE USAGE POLICY. Please be sure to read and understand our free usage policy terms before using our material. Additional information about our website and material usage can be found here on the JCMDI FAQ/Info page.

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